Simplify curbside check-in, appointments, surgical case communication, callbacks and more with Airvet.

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Connect with your clients and provide unparalleled continuity of care

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Why Airvet?

Airvet was built by veterinarians to help strengthen the bond between them and their clients. Airvet allows vets to offer pet parents increased access to immediate medical advice—without taxing an already busy practice.

The most trusted platform by the nations leading hospitals

Airvet was very easy integrate into the practice, I was answering client calls
in about a day.

Dr. Chris Kelley
SAHO Owasso Animal Hospital, Oklahoma

With Airvet
you're in charge

We understand your busy practice life. Airvet fits into your workflow during business hours and into your life after hours.

Choose your own schedule
Decide when you want to take calls and when you don’t

Built-in triage support
Our network of vets can help your clients when you’re unavailable

Increase client visits
Offering better access to care will drive clinic visits and build loyalty

Value your time
Monetize every call, even from pet parents across the country

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