10 Veterinary Telemedicine Myths Busted By Airvet


Myth 1 – We are too busy to add anything new.

There is a big misconception that adding telemedicine will create more work. It’s quite the opposite, actually. Many of our practices are booked out weeks in advance and are leaning even more heavily on Airvet to help take things off of their plates through pre-appointment triage, streamlining the curbside check-in and exam process, and empowering their technician and CSR teams to keep all client communications, either video or text, stay in one place and shared with the full team for easy collaboration.

Myth –  2 Telemedicine is too complicated  for my elderly clients.

Airvet is designed to be client-focused and easy to use, even for the least tech savvy of us. The award-winning mobile app has 3,000 client reviews with a near perfect rating in the App Store. We keep it simple, so you can use telemedicine with all your clients.

Myth 3 – 
 My clients will find it too difficult to adopt Telemedicine. 

Clients overall will adopt and love doing virtual visits with you. In fact, over 75% of pet parents have said they would be interested in virtual care. Will your clients? Well, reviews speak for themselves. Airvet is the #1 rated pet telemedicine platform in the country by clients. Transparency is everything, so we show you your clients’ ratings and reviews to let you see what they’re saying about their experiences. On the desktop portal, you can see usage reports and analytics to identify performance and areas for growth, too.

Myth 4: – Telemedicine requires me to answer calls  from strangers. 

Airvet gives you the option to focus on only your own clients. If you want to make a few extra bucks on the side and sign into our network of over 3,500 veterinarians, you can do that whenever you’d like with a simple swipe in the app.

Myth 5 – Telemedicine is mainly for Curbside. 

While certainly a wonderful option for curbside, Airvet also supports many different appointment types, like re-checks and post-ops that allow you to see patients live to better gauge their progress, behavior consults, and technician triage. Your office space is limited and expensive, so any type of visit that can be seen remotely can help make space for more serious and higher value cases.

Myth – 6 Telemedicine takes away my office visits. 

The data around this is overwhelmingly debunking this one, and actually supports the exact opposite. Airvet works in partnership with your practice, and when clients use Airvet, they are more likely to try to reach you for help rather than be detoured by a Google or Facebook search. We all know that 80% of your revenue typically comes from just 20% of your clients. The real opportunity is to leverage Airvet to help activate the 80% of your dormant clients to make you their first line of defense, not Google.

Myth 7 – The ROI on Telemedicine is not that impactful. 

The truth is, nothing will be impactful if you don’t use it. Airvet has thousands of veterinarians using its platform every day who have integrated it into varied workflows and are benefiting financially. Ask us to share a case study showing use of Airvet quickly generating $10,000 in additional revenue each month.

Myth 8: – We just need Facetime, Zoom, etc. to enable Telemedicine. 

Facetime and Zoom are not telemedicine platforms. Airvet was built  to support your existing workflows and continuity of care with robust  capabilities to deliver a better client and practice experience beyond  

just video calling. Features include: Triage options (after hours,  daytime), payment collection, chat/text/phone calls, case  management (details, length, etc.), archived calls/chat, scheduling  cases, reporting analytics, platform security, and client reviews. 

Myth 9 – It is difficult to keep track of client conversations via Telemedicine across multiple staff members. 

Airvet’s desktop portal is designed to integrate into existing workflows and be a collaborative tool for the entire practice staff. Veterinarians, technicians, and CSRs can all leverage your desktop portal to coordinate each and every telemedicine activity and client communication. Everything is saved, tracked, and stored all in one place, making it easy to tie in with your medical records, too.

Myth 10 – Telemedicine will require me to work 24/7. 

Airvet is all about promoting a healthy work-life balance at your discretion. You can easily adjust your availability and control your schedule in the office and at home. With a built-in triage network, feel confident when you sign off after a long day that your clients can still access professional care in case of emergency and that many of those visits will be triaged and referred back to you the next day.