Looking for an Online Veterinarian?

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We know online communication isn’t the same as an in-person visit to the vet for pet care, but remote veterinary care is a huge step in making sure our pets are safe and living their best pet lives. Since the COVID pandemic started in March 2020, a lot of pet owners are wondering how they […]

9 Holiday Pet Hazards You Should Know

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This holiday season, it’s important that we keep our pets’ safety in mind! To that end, we’ve compiled advice from some of the industry’s top veterinarians around the country on how to keep your pets safe and healthy this holiday! How to keep your pet safe during the holidays 1. Avoid Decorating With Tinsel and […]

Aspirin for your Dog

Aspirin for your Dog: Pain Relief & Side Effects

Aspirin for Your Dog: Everything You Need to Know As dog owners, it can be hard (and scary) to see our furry friends experiencing pain. You may be panic googling, “can you give a dog aspirin?” in the middle of the night, and you’re not wrong for doing that. We’re with you – we’d do […]

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking

It is completely natural for your dog to bark, and trust us, they all bark — at night, in the morning, to greet you, to greet others, out of excitement and anger and playfulness, and sometimes just because they feel like it. To some degree, you will likely be working against your dog’s nature as […]

Cat vs. Dog? Tips and Tricks to Help Them get Along

Despite old myths about cats and dogs not getting along, in reality most cats and dogs seem to get along very well. Cats and dogs who grow up together have a very high probability of getting along throughout their lives. Even cats and dogs who have not previously been introduced to one another can often […]


Most would agree that the two most objectionable feline behaviors are scratching and litter box problems. We do know that instinctively, cats like to scratch. Our goal is to train them to scratch appropriate surfaces like a scratch post, and to avoid inappropriate surfaces like our couches or drapes. Unfortunately, this is not always an […]

Pet obesity is becoming an epidemic, but it’s often reversible!

How many of you have dogs or cats that help themselves to the cookie jar to grab those delicious chocolate chunk cookies or even their own yummy treats? How about the freezer to munch on that ice cream straight out of the container? Well, given how we often like to think that our pets mimic […]

Halloween Should be Scary! – But NOT For Your Pets

Lights, candles, decorations, pumpkins, and delicious snacks might represent a great Halloween for us humans, but they can be harmful to our furry family! We’ve got some important tips from the American Humane Association to help ensure a safe and healthy holiday for our four-legged friends. Food & Snacks Chocolate containing candies – Chocolate contains […]

Traveling with a Pet? Here Are Some Safety Tips!

More pet owners are packing their bags and hitting the road with their four-legged friends. According to the Travel Industry Association of America, pet travel is a growing trend with 14 percent of all U.S. adults saying they have traveled with a pet on a trip of 50 miles or more, one-way, in the past […]

Here’s How to Find the Right Pet Insurance

Recently, many pet owners have been asking us about pet insurance. My tag line is simple—you’ll need it the most when you don’t have it!! Although pet insurance has been available in the U.S. since 1981, most pet owners are still unaware that it is even an option to help with your pet’s care. Operating […]

Stool Eating: Your Dog’s Dirty Little Secret

It’s the stuff of which nightmares are made. Your best pal, Ringo, the greatest dog in the world, so clever, so cute, looks up, tail wagging with a self-satisfied expression, and then you notice—he’s snacking on cat droppings stolen from their litter or other droppings from outside! Oh no! That’s disgusting! How could you! You’re […]

Winterizing your Pets

As a Southern Californian, I don’t have a general appreciation of the “Winter” which many from up north or other parts of the country have to contend with, but for those of us who have spent time in the northeast or have been up to Mammoth, Tahoe, Colorado, or Utah to enjoy some winter sports, […]

New Pet Technology—It’s Everywhere!

Hi-Tech is not just for your homes or your kids anymore—we are seeing a plethora of high tech devices for our pets as well. It’s amazing how much we can stay in touch with our pets, now able to monitor and track their behaviors, activity, location, and health, as well as being able to control […]

Your Doctors May Soon be Prescribing…a Labrador?

I’m sure, as most of us know, there’s nothing better than sharing your home with a pet. Besides the obvious joy pets bring into our lives, there’s also much to be said about the beauty and benefits of providing a pet with a home! Can a home be complete without a pet? Well, as a […]

Pets in the Workplace, Our Take on this Rising Trend!

Our 2 and a half year old Froston (Frenchie/Boston mix), Walter, is in our office almost every day. In fact, he’s earned himself an official title here at Airvet – Head of Security. When he’s not there, his absence is felt by everyone. There’s nobody there begging for treats at your feet or a tiny […]

Leveraging Virtual Care in the days of Covid-19

In Summary: With the concern over COVID-19, there’s been a number of questions around how to leverage virtual care to continue to communicate with clients when it becomes more difficult and restrictive to do so in-person. Frequently Asked Questions: Clients are canceling appointments because of coronavirus fears – What can I do proactively to get […]

How to get comfortable charging for telemedicine

By: Jeff Werber, DVM The times, they are a-changin’. With the spread of COVID-19, veterinary hospitals have had to change the way they operate practically overnight. Telemedicine went from being an additional service offering, to now the primary way we are interacting with pet parents, which is evident with the FDA helping to facilitate veterinary […]

How to use Airvet for curbside check-in

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In this video, Dr. Jeff Werber discusses how our partners are using Airvet to get the most out of curbside check-in. Clients can join the appointment virtually through live video during your exam.

How to use Airvet when the office is closed

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In this video, Dr. Jeff Werber discusses how our partners are using Airvet to combat the reduction in office hours of operation to not only maintain appointments but also support your staff who aren’t able to come into the practice.

Airvet Closes $14M Series A Funding Round to Bring Virtual Care to Pet Owners

2,600+ veterinarians are using Airvet’s connected care platform $14M Series A funding round led by Canvas Ventures, with participation by e.ventures, Burst Capital, Starting Line, TrueSight Ventures, Hawke Ventures, Bracket Capital, Michael Stoppelman, and several major veterinary industry leaders Airvet quickly became the #1 rated pet telemedicine app in the App Store LOS ANGELES, California […]

4th of July and Our Pets

By: Jeff Werber, DVM Chief Veterinary Officer at Airvet™ For most of us, July 4th means family fun, barbecues, and of course, fireworks. But, for many of our pets, it could mean disaster! 4TH OF JULY HAZARDS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT! For starters, as you may have already noticed, many pets suffer from “Noise […]

Airvet launches desktop, tablet video-call portal for veterinarians

LOS ANGELES – Airvet, the #1-rated pet telemedicine platform, just got even friendlier for the 3,500 veterinarians utilizing their platform. Last week, the company launched an upgraded desktop portal, which now allows the entire staff to conduct video calls with clients right from the office computers, in addition to using a smartphone or tablet. “This […]

Telemedicine: What Is It and How It’s Being Used For Your Pets

For many people, our pets are more than just a furry friend–they’re a precious part of the family and can live as close companions for important parts of our lives. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that providing the best possible medical care is central in importance for most pet parents. Telemedicine is a […]

Emotional Support Animals: All You Need to Know to Register

What is an emotional support animal, and can they be a benefit to you? Should you register your emotional support animal? Here is everything that you need to know about emotional support animals, what kind of registration is available, and what restrictions apply. What is an Emotional Support Animal? There is a lot of confusion […]