How to Make Your Dog Throw Up

dog with thrown up food on floor

Has your doggo eaten something they aren’t supposed to? You’re not alone, dogs eat things they aren’t allowed to eat all the time. And our furry friends sure can be sneaky about it, too. As a pet owner, it’s important to know the steps, what to use, and even when NOT to make your dog […]

CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

vet tech holding cbd oil tincture

CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats: How it can help your pets When it comes to our pets, there’s not much we wouldn’t do to keep them happy and healthy. Whether it’s the food they eat, levels of exercise, or making sure they have comfy spots for sleeping, there are times we take better care […]

Airvet to match donations for ‘Indoguration’

LOS ANGELES – As a former shelter dog prepares to assume the role of “first dog” and enter the White House, the #1-rated pet telemedicine app in the U.S., Airvet, is pledging to match donations leading up to the official “Indoguration” event, which is slated to take place virtually on Sunday.  The Indoguration of “first […]

Pet food recall expands after 70 dogs die, 80 sickened

LOS ANGELES – Veterinarians from Airvet are urging extreme caution to pet parents after the nationwide recall of a popular brand of dog food and cat food was expanded Monday.  The recall expansion took place after reports that more than 70 dogs have died and over 80 more dogs have reportedly been made sick, according […]

Can I give my Dog Benadryl?

dog with allergies scratching head with back leg

Is your doggo having an allergic reaction? It’s easy to think medications that work so well on humans can do the same for our pets, and in this specific case – you’re right. Benadryl is safe for dogs of any size. You have the a-okay to give your dog this human medication, as long as […]

Looking for an Online Veterinarian?

arivet pet parent home screen

We know online communication isn’t the same as an in-person visit to the vet for pet care, but remote veterinary care is a huge step in making sure our pets are safe and living their best pet lives. Since the COVID pandemic started in March 2020, a lot of pet owners are wondering how they […]

9 Holiday Pet Hazards You Should Know

girl with pup for holiday

This holiday season, it’s important that we keep our pets’ safety in mind! To that end, we’ve compiled advice from some of the industry’s top veterinarians around the country on how to keep your pets safe and healthy this holiday! How to keep your pet safe during the holidays 1. Avoid Decorating With Tinsel and […]

Aspirin for Your Dog: Everything You Need to Know

Aspirin for your Dog: Pain Relief & Side Effects

As dog owners, it can be hard (and scary) to see our furry friends experiencing pain. You may be panic googling, “can you give a dog aspirin?” in the middle of the night, and you’re not wrong for doing that. We’re with you – we’d do anything to relieve our dog’s pain. We’re glad you’ve […]

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking

It is completely natural for your dog to bark, and trust us, they all bark — at night, in the morning, to greet you, to greet others, out of excitement and anger and playfulness, and sometimes just because they feel like it. To some degree, you will likely be working against your dog’s nature as […]

Cat vs. Dog? Tips and Tricks to Help Them get Along

Despite old myths about cats and dogs not getting along, in reality most cats and dogs seem to get along very well. Cats and dogs who grow up together have a very high probability of getting along throughout their lives. Even cats and dogs who have not previously been introduced to one another can often […]


Most would agree that the two most objectionable feline behaviors are scratching and litter box problems. We do know that instinctively, cats like to scratch. Our goal is to train them to scratch appropriate surfaces like a scratch post, and to avoid inappropriate surfaces like our couches or drapes. Unfortunately, this is not always an […]

Telemedicine: What Is It and How It’s Being Used For Your Pets

For many people, our pets are more than just a furry friend–they’re a precious part of the family and can live as close companions for important parts of our lives. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that providing the best possible medical care is central in importance for most pet parents. Telemedicine is a […]